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Site Of The Year 2012 ~ Tiny Texts In English
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ESL Site of the Year 2012

Tiny Texts in English offers free listening and reading materials for English learners based on interesting news stories that may not make the headlines. Each entry includes a short reading with an audio file and glossary. The recordings are provided by speakers with a variety of accents, including Scottish, Australian, and Brazilian.

The “takeaway test” is a short printable quiz with a matching exercise and gap-fill. Some entries also include related videos or links. The site is relatively new, but is growing weekly and is
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Site Of The Year 2011 ~ PhraseMix
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ESL Site Of The Year 2011This site is for advanced English learners who want to learn new words and expressions that are used “in the real world”, such as “Can I slide past you?” or “It seemed like a no-brainer”. A new phrase is added each day, along with a cartoon, an easy explanation, and a few examples. Phrases are “natural”, “useful”, and “memorable”. If you sat at a dinner table with an English family, you would hear these kinds of phrases.

The site is interactive in that learners can leave comments and even compete in competitions. Learners can also post questions in the forum. All of the previous phrases are available in list form. Aaron Knight, the creator of Phrase Mix, also shares tips for memorizing the new phrases. His blog has great ideas for English teachers and high level learners.



Site Of The Year 2010 ~ ESOL Courses
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EnglishClub.com ESL Site of the Year 2010This free English learning site is accessible to English learners of all levels. Activities include reading and vocabulary exercises, video quizzes, and games. Some learners will be interested in the “English for Work” section while others may prefer lighter activities such as picture quizzes, crosswords, and matching. Review the “Topics Menu” to find activities and games listed in alphabetical order. More free activities are available on the ESOL Courses blog. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to follow ESOL Courses on
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Site Of The Year 2009 ~ CULips
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EnglishClub.com ESL Site of the Year 2009

ESL Culips is a Canadian-based website with playful podcasts to help you learn English. The focus of these podcasts is on real language and its everyday use. Episodes are divided into fun categories including “Close Up”, “Catch Word” , “Chatterbox” and “Curious Questions”. Podcasts can be downloaded or played in a popup window. Extra materials including transcripts and comprehension quizzes are filed under “Lipservice” and are available with each podcast. You can get involved by
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