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Interesting Facts

Weekly listening practice based on fun and interesting facts in easy English. Try the gap-fill exercises and comprehension quizzes.

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Egg Decorating Is Serious Business In Ukraine
What is inside Ukraine’s big egg?

A Black Box Is Actually Orange
What exactly are investigators looking for?

The Great Fire Of London Had Few Recorded Casualties
How many people died in the Great Fire of London?

Einstein Was Born On Pi Day
How do you celebrate mathematics?

The Word ‘Verb’ Is A Noun
What part of speech is the word “verbing”?

Dr. Seuss Was Not a Doctor
Who was Theo Lesieg?

A Road Built From Unsold Books
Is it worth the money to take the toll road?

Humans Share 99% Of The Same DNA
What do humans, chimpanzees, and bananas have in common?

Olympic Gold Medals Are Made Of Silver
Why does a gold medalist win a silver medal?

Valentine Comes From The Word Valour
What does the word “valour” have to do with love?

A Caruncle Helps You See
No, a caruncle is not a relative with wheels!

Figure Skaters Do Get Dizzy
Why didn’t she fall down after 30 rotations?

The Army That Saved The Olympics
What did Winter Olympic host nations do before snow machines?

Red is The First Colour A Baby Sees
Why does Tiger Woods always wear red?

Martha Was The Last Passenger Pigeon
How could such a massive species go extinct?

Engaging The 5 Senses With Wine
You can see, smell, taste, and touch your wine. Can you also hear it?

Tiny Tim Was Originally Little Fred
Would it still be A Christmas Carol without Tiny Tim?

The Grammar Of Sign Language
Does sign language have verb tenses?

“Serendipity” Is Difficult To Translate
Have you experienced a happy accident lately?

The Verb “Run” Has The Most Definitions
Has your memory run out of space for English definitions?

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