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Interesting Facts

Weekly listening practice based on fun and interesting facts in easy English. Try the gap-fill exercises and comprehension quizzes.

Bees Are Neat Freaks
It’s too sticky in here!

Photographers Line Up For Manhattanhenge
What are all of those people taking pictures of?

Goody Two-Shoes Was A Goody-Goody
Does she ever do anything wrong?

Cat Cafés Are On The Rise
Which kitty will you be having tea with today?

Finnish Babies Sleep In Boxes
Don’t put the lid on.

The Birthday Paradox
What are the chances?

The Recycling Symbol Is In The Public Domain
Who invented this Mobius loop?

The King Of Fruit Is Stinky
What is that smell in the market?

Crocodiles Tear Up While Eating
Are crocodiles capable of feeling remorse?

Vultures Aren’t Just Ugly Birds
Why don’t vultures have feathers on their necks?

A Pretzel Is A Little Reward
Who thought of tying dough into a knot?

“Nice” Hasn’t Always Been Nice
What do you mean by “nice”?

Squirrels Don’t Like Daffodils
Why are there tulip bulbs all over the yard?

Egg Decorating Is Serious Business In Ukraine
What is inside Ukraine’s big egg?

A Black Box Is Actually Orange
What exactly are investigators looking for?

The Great Fire Of London Had Few Recorded Casualties
How many people died in the Great Fire of London?

Einstein Was Born On Pi Day
How do you celebrate mathematics?

The Word ‘Verb’ Is A Noun
What part of speech is the word “verbing”?

Dr. Seuss Was Not a Doctor
Who was Theo Lesieg?

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