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Each Wednesday, EnglishClub publishes a short audio news report in easy English. With this resource you can practise your listening, reading, writing and even speaking.

photo Tara Benwell

dateline: 20 October 2015:
Bananas Threatened by Fungal Disease

dateline: 13 October 2015:
Sweden Experimenting with a 6-Hour Work Day

dateline: 06 October 2015:
McDonald’s Is Modernizing Guest Services

dateline: 29 September 2015:
Volkswagen Caught Cheating on Emissions Tests

dateline: 22 September 2015:
New Zealand Zoo Will Not Euthanize Tiger

dateline: 15 September 2015:
Java Teens Banned From Dating After Sunset

dateline: 08 September 2015:
Egyptian Billionaire Wants To Buy Island For Refugees

dateline: 01 September 2015:
American Journalists Murdered On Live TV

dateline: 25 August 2015:
Deleted Tweet Collectors Blocked

dateline: 18 August 2015:
Bomb Explodes in Bangkok

dateline: 11 August 2015:
70 Years After Nagasaki Bombing

dateline: 04 August 2015:
NFL Hires First Female Coach

dateline: 28 July 2015:
Australia To Kill 2 Million Cats

dateline: 21 July 2015:
Surfing Competition Ends After Shark Attack

dateline: 14 July 2015:
Russia Opens Military Theme Park

dateline: 07 July 2015:
Greece Votes “No” to Bailout

dateline: 30 June 2015:
Same-Sex Marriage Legal Across US

dateline: 23 June 2015:
Disgruntled Ex Cuts Belongings in Half

dateline: 16 June 2015:
Foo Fighters’ Singer Finishes Concert with Broken Leg

dateline: 09 June 2015:
The Decline of Voice Mail

dateline: 02 June 2015:
Public Smoking Banned in Beijing

dateline: 26 May 2015:
Ireland Votes ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Marriage

dateline: 19 May 2015:
Pope Has Serious Peace Talk With Kids

dateline: 12 May 2015:
6,000 Chinese Employees Vacation Together

dateline: 05 May 2015:
Drone Footage Captures Antarctica Like Never Before

dateline: 28 April 2015:
Earthquake Devastates Nepal

dateline: 21 April 2015:
Migrants Dying at Sea

dateline: 14 April 2015:
Australia to Enforce Strict Immunisation Policy

dateline: 07 April 2015:
German Co-Pilot Was Suffering from Depression

dateline: 31 March 2015:
New York Roller Coaster Breaks Down

dateline: 24 March 2015:
Singapore Says Goodbye to Founding Father

dateline: 17 March 2015:
Putin Appears After Absence

dateline: 10 March 2015:
Couple Cancels Big Wedding For Kindness Tour

dateline: 03 March 2015:
The Sound of Music Turns 50

dateline: 24 February 2015:
Birdman Wins Best Picture

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