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Each Wednesday, EnglishClub publishes a short audio news report in easy English. With this resource you can practise your listening, reading, writing and even speaking.

photo Tara Benwell

dateline: 09 February 2015:
Kanye West Steals The Limelight at the Grammys

dateline: 03 February 2015:
Bullet-proof Fashion Store Opens in the Netherlands

dateline: 27 January 2015:
North Korea Hiring English Teachers

dateline: 20 January 2015:
The Richest 1% Are Getting Richer

dateline: 13 January 2015:
Unity Marches Follow Media Massacre in France

dateline: 06 January 2015:
Heart Emoji is Top English “Word”

dateline: 30 December 2014:
‘The Interview’ Tops Charts on Christmas Day

dateline: 23 December 2014:
US and Cuba Restoring Relations

dateline: 16 December 2014:
Hostage Situation Ends at Australia Cafe

dateline: 09 December 2014:
Snowden Accepts Award via Video

dateline: 02 December 2014:
New Star Wars Trailer Released

dateline: 25 November 2014:
Venice Bans Wheeled Suitcases

dateline: 18 November 2014:
Napoleon’s Hat Auctioned Off

dateline: 11 November 2014:
Irish Teacher Denied Job Due to “Alcoholism”

dateline: 04 November 2014:
Jupiter Stares Back at NASA

dateline: 28 October 2014:
Terrorist Kills Soldier in Canada’s Capital

dateline: 21 October 2014:
Apple Pay Rolls Out In US

dateline: 14 October 2014:
Disease Detectives Investigate Ebola Breach

dateline: 07 October 2014:
Man Rescued From Floating Bubble

dateline: 30 September 2014:

dateline: 30 September 2014:
Scientists Design Real-Life Invisibility Cloak

dateline: 23 September 2014:
Scotland Votes Not To Separate

dateline: 16 September 2014:
Microsoft Acquires Minecraft

dateline: 09 September 2014:
Dog Ate 43.5 Socks

dateline: 02 September 2014:
Chibatman Becomes Internet Superhero

dateline: 26 August 2014:
Independent Film Festival Shut Down In China

dateline: 19 August 2014:
Robin Williams Had Parkinson’s Disease

dateline: 12 August 2014:
Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

dateline: 05 August 2014:
Robot Hitchhikes Across Canada

dateline: 29 July 2014:
Monaco Has The Most Millionaires

dateline: 22 July 2014:
Malaysia Airlines Plane Shot Down

dateline: 15 July 2014:
Germany Wins 2014 World Cup

dateline: 08 July 2014:
Electronic Devices Must Be Charged To Fly To US

dateline: 01 July 2014:
World Cup Athletes Consider Fasting During Ramadan

dateline: 24 June 2014:
Katy Perry Offers Service To Hillary Clinton

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