Interesting Facts

Weekly listening practice based on fun and interesting facts in easy English. Try the gap-fill exercises and comprehension quizzes.

New York City Was Once New Amsterdam
Why wasn’t it called the Big Orange?

The Limit of the Human Memory
Why can’t I remember all of that?

Six Feet Under Means Departed
Why did they dig so far down?

Da Vinci’s Rule of the Trees
How did that tree survive that windstorm?

“Q” is the Second Least Common Letter
What can I spell with the letter Q?

Habitat Loss is the Leading Cause of Extinction
Why are there armed men near that rhino?

Spring Fever is a Real Condition
Why does she have a spring in her step?

The Difference Between White and Brown Eggs
Why pay more for brown eggs?

Sarcasm Means To Tear Flesh
What did he really mean when he said I had nice hair?

The Birthmark Theory
Where did that red spot go?

Shrink Is Slang for Psychiatrist
Why are psychiatrists called shrinks?

The Cover That Came Before the Book
What does this cover have to do with the book?

Pica Means Magpie
Why is he eating sand?

Owls Fly Silently
Why didn’t I hear that owl fly by?

Juliet Receives Heartbroken Letters
Dear Juliet…

Twitter Was Born from a Hackathon
Is this why we always saw the “fail whale”?

Dolphins Get High on Puffer Fish
Can you pass the puffer fish?

Air Rage Is Common in China
The flight is delayed again!

Fingernails Grow Faster Than Toenails
Why do my nails take so long to grow?

A Disaster Was a Bad Star
What caused that flood?

Santa’s Reindeer Must Be Female
When do reindeer lose their antlers?

Shortbread Means Crumbly Bread
What’s so short about shortbread?

Boy’s Kite Helps Build Niagara Bridge
Who wants to go out and fly a kite?

Ben Franklin and the Turkey
What’s so American about a bald eagle?

Airplane Mode Saves Your Battery
Is your battery about to die?

Feathers Were More Valuable Than Gold
Would you kindly remove your hat?

Windowless Airplanes
Are we there yet?

The Word “Scissors” is a Defective Noun
By “scissors” do you mean one pair or more?

Keep Calm And Carry On
Who can use this slogan?

How the Ampersand Got its Name
Is it true that there used to be 27 letters in the alphabet?

Trailers Used To Come After the Film
What is the origin of the word “trailer”?

Wisdom Teeth Don’t Make You Smarter
Why don’t I have those teeth?

An English Breakfast Is A Full Breakfast
What’s the difference between a continental breakfast and an English breakfast?

One World Trade Center Stands 1,776 Feet High
Is it really the tallest building in North America?

Switzerland Has A Square Flag
Why is the nurse wearing the Swiss flag on her armband?