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Internet Vocabulary: Adjectives

internet adjectivesHere are 5 adjectives you should know and understand when using the Internet in English.

  1. secure: safe for adding private information
    Ex: Only use your credit card on secure websites.
  2. user-friendly: easy to use
    Ex: A search engine makes a website more user-friendly.
  3. wireless: describes technology that does not need to be plugged in; often refers to wireless Internet access (WiFi)
    Ex: You can bring your wireless laptop to an Internet cafe.
  4. obsolete: no longer useful; outdated
    Ex: That old software program is obsolete. There is a new one you can download.
  5. beta: still in a developing or testing stage (can also be used as a noun)
    Ex: The beta version is free to use now. You’ll have to buy the software in the future.

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